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   Rozanne Hawksley     "Mission Accomplished"

Much of what Rozanne Hawksley has to say through her work as an artist concerns death, the fleeting nature of youth, the frailty and suffering of life, pain and war.

Her work powerfully explores all aspects of the human condition but there is a particular focus on the nature and meaning of war, alongside commemoration and memorialization. This is achieved by summoning up the traumatic impact of war and a thorough consideration as to how this affects combatants, family, friends and ultimately the nation.

The pieces are carefully crafted, baroque, theatrical and beautifully made. The subject matter is challenging, provoking a response and always tries to communicate intense feelings and emotions, such as pain, that do not necessarily have a voice.

It is in this way her artwork has developed a complex language of truth all of its own.

"… And the fire and the rose are one."

 T. S. Eliot 

                                            Latest Work: Detail from "Full Fathom Five" - Royal Museums Greenwich