Books and Videos

Selected books, publications, videos and online features include:

  • Radical decadence. Excess in contemporary feminist textiles and craft.
    Author: Julia Skelly.
    Publisher: Bloomsbury (2017)
  • The journal War, Literature and the Arts – War and the visual language of flowers, an antipodal perspective.
    Author: Ann Elias. (2016-17)
  • Art from Contemporary Conflict
    Author: Sara Bevan
    Publisher: Imperial War Museum (2015)
  • The Textile Reader
    Author: Jessica Hemmings
    Publisher: Berg (2012)
  • Textiles: the art of Mankind
    Author: Mary Schoeser
    Publisher: Thames & Hudson Ltd (2012)
  • Women War Artists
    Author: Kathleen Palmer
    Publisher: Imperial War Museum & Tate Publishing; 1st Edition (2011)
  • Rozanne Hawksley
    Author: Mary Schoeser
    Publisher: Ruthin Craft Centre & Lund Humphries (2008), reprinted (2009)
  • Creating Sketchbooks for Embroiderers & Textile Artists
    Author: Kay Greenlees
    Publisher: Batsford (2005)
  • Textile Perspectives in Mixed-Media Sculpture
    Author: Jac Scott
    Publisher: The Crowood Press (2003)
  • The Subversive Stitch – Women and Textiles Today
    Authors: Pennina Barnett & Jennifer Harris
    Publisher:Whitworth and Cornerhouse Gallery, Manchester; 1st Edition (1988)
  • Contemporary British Textile Art by 62 Group
    Publisher: Krokusia Art Japan (1984)
  • Various editions of Embroidery Magazine, Selvedge, Craft Magazine, Fibre Art News, The Times, The Guardian etc..
  • Rozanne Hawksley – Artist Interview (video)
    By: Tod Grimwade
  • Rozanne Hawksley – In the Beginning (video)

Online features include: